Flight MH370 Introduction

In the beginning, we were very reluctant to become involved with the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the aircraft owing to the issues relating the loss and ultimate fate of Malaysian Flight MH370. However, following the discovery of the main debris field, we became increasingly intrigued as to what had actually happened, and why other professionals had seemingly completely lost the plot. The primary investigations seemed hopelessly inadequate in obeying their own rules in respect of finding the aircraft.

We wish to point out that Merlindown has not carried out this research for the sake of sensationalism. Neither has it been done for profit. The reasons for our doing what we have done, and making our results available on this website, is purely and simply to bring out the truth and to provide the families and friends of those who died on Malaysian Flight MH370 with their first steps towards closure. We feel that to attempt to generate any form of profit from the deaths of those on the flight, or the suffering of their loved ones, would be tasteless, immoral and exploitative.

The information displayed on this website, and our account of what happened to MH370 both on the day of its demise and since, is gleaned from straightforward evidence. There were a number of eye witnesses to the crash. Debris from the aircraft has been imaged in and around the impact area and also coming ashore on the Vietnamese coast. An image of a life raft from the flight has been sourced as well as that of a body, seemingly that of a crew member. All this, together with other evidence (which will appear on this website in the course of time) clearly point towards our theory as being an accurate depiction of the final moments of Malaysian Flight MH370.

It is interesting to note that, although our theory is the only one that actually fits all the available facts and evidence, it seems to be the only one that is consistently ignored or passed over by the media. It is up to you, the visitors to this website, to decide whether the accounts displayed here do indeed fit the facts and the evidence. However, once you see this material for yourselves, and take the time to assess its credibility, we are totally confident that you will arrive at the same conclusions.

We also have a request. If anyone reading this website is able to put us in contact with any of the families and friends of those who died on MH370, we ask that you do so. We feel it is imperative that they are made aware of our findings, if only so that they can begin to ask the authorities the searching questions needed in order to bring themselves the closure that they deserve . . . and that we are determined to give them.